“And we have the training tool to prove it!” – Tony Polus Sr!

guarenteeEffective …

  • Creates great feel around the green for chipping
  • Normal grip during practice – no objects to hold such as alignment rods.
  • Light Weight – This tool adds very little swing weight during practice
  • High quality –  materials are strong and lightweight
  • Fits left and right-handed clubs
  • Fits junior to oversize grips

Easy …

  • Easy – “Don’t let it hit your side”.  If the tool hits your side during a chip, you have flipped your club head causing fat, thin and inconsistent chips. If you feel it clearing your side, then your hands were ahead during impact where they belong.

Proper …

  • This tool allows you to have your hands in the proper position at address – not pressed ahead




ChipSolid teaches the proper swing with the hands ahead and the only swing thought is, “don’t let the tool hit my side.”


The ChipSolid tool has made my job so much easier with my younger students and beginners. They can practice on their own for hours with the proper technique. Love It!
– Justin Clark, Crown Pointe Golf Club


What is ChipSolid™?

The ChipSolid™ training tool and Chipping System, developed over years of short game study by professional golfer and instructor Tony Polus Sr, creates a new and simple way of making the successful “up and down” the norm for golfers of all skill levels.

What is the ChipSolid training tool?

A curved tool that easily fastens to the end of club grips (Junior to Oversize). It allows for the hands to be in the proper position at address instead of being pressed too forward. During the follow through, if the ChipSolid™ tool hits the hip, the hands are flipping through the impact resulting in “fat” or “thin”, inconsistent chips. The aid teaches the hands to be ahead at impact. After a few practice chips and hitting the ball without hitting the hip, the golfer immediately learns the feel of a proper chip swing. During play, golfers say they visualize the ChipSolid™ tool on their club, reinforcing the proper chip/pitch swing during the round.

What is the ChipSolid Chipping System?

The ChipSolid Chipping System is a system that Tony Polus Sr has set up to make chipping very easy to understand and remember. The instructions explain an easy “one, two, three” positioning of the ball. Club selection, balance, and understanding the roll out of the ball to the hole is all explained in the ChipSolid Chipping System training videos, included with the purchase.

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