Q: My grip won’t fit all the way into the tool.
A: Make sure the stabilizer pin on the tool is fitting into the small hole in the butt of the grip.

Q: The ring won’t slide to the end when tightening.
A: If the ring won’t slide all the way, but the grip is still tight and the ring stays in place, that is OK.  If not, go to a larger ring.

Q: The ring is all the way on and the tool is still too loose.
A: The grip is too small for that ring. Go to smaller ring.

Q: The tool hits my side when I’m chipping.
A: Make sure the tool is not installed backwards. See installation instructions. Or, you may be chipping incorrectly. This is the reason for this training tool. See training DVD. A proper chip will NOT hit your side.

Q: I have lost my ring.
A: Contact us at: GolfSolid, LLC, 205 W. Karsch Blvd, Farmington, MO 63640

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