The ChipSolid Story

The ChipSolid PackageThe ChipSolid™ training tool and Chipping System, developed over years of short- game study by professional golfer and trainer, Tony Polus Sr, creates a new and simple way of making the successful “up and down” the norm for golfers of all skill levels.

The ChipSolid™ Chipping System is based on solid fundamentals of chipping and pitching.  The system is as easy as 1-2-3.  The ChipSolid™ patent pending system teaches three-basic ball positions and body alignment for chipping.  The ChipSolid™ training aid, included with the system, provides positive feedback during practice, which teaches the hands to stay ahead of the club head through impact.  Casting or flipping will result in the tool touching the golfer.  “I have used this system for years, however, we now have a tool that provides instructional feedback to the golfer, something that words just can’t do”, says Tony Polus Sr, creator and COO of GolfSolid™, LLC.   The ChipSolid™ training aid can attach to any club grip, junior though oversize, with a simple application.

Tony’s system was used during his qualification for the US Open and has helped countless golfers throughout the years.  The system has now been refined, documented and designed with the latest in engineering materials and industrial design. “The tool is a beautiful design.  You just want to have one!”, says Ellen Mell, amateur player from St. Louis, MO.  “Not only did it look great, it was so easy to attach to my wedges…and I don’t cast during my chipping anymore.”

The ChipSolid™ training aid is a curved tool that fastens to the end of your club. Critically important, it allows for the hands to be in the proper position at address instead of being pressed too forward.  During the follow through, if the ChipSolid™ tool hits the hip, the hands are flipping through the impact resulting in “fat” or “thin”, inconsistent chips.  The aid teaches the hands to be ahead at impact.  After a few practice chips and hitting the ball without hitting the hip, the golfer immediately learns the feel of a proper chip swing.  During the round many golfers say they visualize the ChipSolid™ tool on their club which reinforces the proper chip/pitch swing during the round.

With the improvement of the “attachable” ChipSolid™ Chipping Tool, the system has become a hit for golfers at any level.  Keith Petty, Tony’s student and now CEO of GolfSolid, LLC , agrees.  “The third lesson with Tony fundamentally changed my golf game ,” Petty says, ”Tony brought out a wedge with a funny, curved-shaped device attached to it and started explaining his three-position chipping system.  It felt a bit strange and a bit silly when the device kept hitting me in the side when I was chipping.  Being a college athlete, I thought I had the ability to fix my chipping issues on my own, but I was fundamentally wrong” Petty continues, “After hitting very solid and controlled chips with the device, I bought in. One week later, I got up and down seven times during my first par 72 round of my life and I bought in, literally.”

Keith Petty has a 23 year engineering, marketing and product development background.  Along with Tony’s knowledge and history in the game, the pieces were in place to create something that every golfer could utilize. “On the practice tee that day, Tony and I shook hands and agreed that with Tony’s knowledge and lifelong passion, we would build and share this tool and system with every golfer, and the ChipSolid™ System was born.”

For more information about the team that brought the ChipSolid system to market, see Our Team.

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