“The best training aid tool available today for chipping. My students get the proper feel immediately!”

Justin Clark
Director of Golf
Crown Pointe Golf Club
Farmington, MO

“I have felt I have been a very good short game player since my early days playing in Norway and on the European Tour! Since I’ve been using this tool, it has definatly helped remind me to open my hips and keep my hands ahead at impact. I actually feel it helps my other full shots as well by clearing my hips and following through with the shot. It is always in my bag.”

Morton Orveland
European Tour
Jupiter, Fl

“The Chipping tool is very easy to install on my club. As a beginner, I have improved very much in just a short time by using this tool. It has made my hands stay one piece and ahead of the ball at impact. I don’t hit behind the ball any more. I also love the easy 1,2,3 system the DVD has showed me.”

Ellen Mell
12 Handicap
St Louis, MO

“This tool has stopped me from flipping my hands at the ball. Even as a pro, the Training DVD showing the (ChipSolid Chipping System) makes chipping very easy and simple to understand! Chipping was the weakest part of my game. No More!”

Jessi Strelec
West Palm Beach, Fl

“A very simple system to understand for chipping. I love the way the flop shot is explained.”

John Yow
14 Handicap
Park Hills, Mo

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